Revit to SolidWorks Exporter

  • Export based on views from Revit and the same can be imported under various Import type in SolidWorks
  • User can Customize the export by Grouping the components based on Category & family Type from Revit and have the grouped elements under Sub-assemblies in SolidWorks
  • Can Convert Parameters and Materials from Revit to SolidWorks
  • Can Simplify the export based on User Requirement
Product Description
  • SolidWorks Exporter for Revit is a data exchange tool which creates native SolidWorks parts and assemblies from Revit elements/families.
  • Revit Exporter exports the Revit model into a BXF file, the exported BXF file is then imported into SolidWorks platform using the SolidWorks Importer.
  • All parametric information including geometry, parameters, units, materials etc. will be converted.
  • The tool supports various industry specific requirements like geometric simplification, parameter data exchange.

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