• Bim Software
    BIM SRINteroperability

    Seamless conversion between CAD, BIM and Design Softwares

  • AutoCAD Design Exchange
    Seamless Design
    Exchange from Revit

    Convert Revit Models to Sketchup, Rhino, Maya, SolidWorks, Inventor, Creo and Civil 3D

  • SolidWorks Model to Revit Webinar
    Upcoming Webinar
    SolidWorks to Revit

    Learn how to seamlessly convert SolidWorks to Revit on Feb 15, 2018 @ 02.00 PM AEDT

  • BLM Building Lifecylce Management Services
    Building Lifecycle

    Design, Construct & Operate a facility with single set of interoperable data

BIMDeX Products

Open Imagination
  • Simple, advance & controlled export options
  • Matches with the native in built converters user interface
  • Expose the Creo to the BIM world
Open Imagination
  • Parametric Conversion.
  • Evaluated by world leading design and BIM companies.
  • Simple, advance & controlled export options.
Locked Steel Gate
  • Simple, advance & controlled export options
  • Matches with the native in built converters user interface
  • Expose the Inventor to the BIM world
Locked Steel Gate
  • Expose the Creo to the BIM world
  • Evaluated by world leading design and BIM companies
  • Simple, advance & controlled export options
Open Imagination
  • Excel plus is a tool that exports excel data to Revit families/Projects
  • Export the user specified/selected cells
  • Imported data will be created either as a Revit family or a sheet inside Revit Project
Open Imagination
  • Collaborate with Revit data similar to Creo files via Windchill
  • Ability to store and interact with native Revit data using Windchill including the Revit parameters
  • Integrate Revit parameters with ERP data using Windchill

Releasing Early 2018

Upcoming Products

Revit SolidWorks Sketchup Rhino Maya Creo Inventor
Revit to SolidWorks SolidWorks to Revit Sketchup to Revit Rhino to Revit Maya to Revit Creo to Revit Inventor to Revit
Revit to Sketchup SolidWorks to Rhino Sketchup to SolidWorks Rhino to SolidWorks Maya to SolidWorks Creo to Rhino Inventor to Rhino
Revit to Rhino SolidWorks to Sketchup Sketchup to Rhino Rhino to Sketchup Maya to Rhino Creo to Maya Inventor to Maya
Revit to Maya SolidWorks to Maya Sketchup to Maya Rhino to Maya Maya to Sketchup Creo to Sketchup Inventor to SolidWorks
Revit to Creo SolidWorks to Creo Sketchup to Creo Rhino to Creo Maya to Creo Creo to SolidWorks Inventor to Creo
Revit to Tekla SolidWorks to Tekla Sketchup to Tekla Rhino to Tekla Maya to Tekla Creo to Tekla Inventor to Tekla

Technical Expertise

Our Resellers

  • 4cad group
  • Cad Corner
  • CAD MicroSolutions
  • SrinSoft
  • Econocap
  • Olilo
  • Root Solutions

Building Lifecycle Management (BLM)

Building Lifecycle Management(BLM) Services

Cloud Based Building Lifecycle Management(BLM)

Building Lifecycle Management (BLM) is the practice of designing, constructing, and operating a facility with a single set of interoperable data. Key Benefits: Improve Productivity, Increase Quality and Value from Suppliers, Reduce Waste, Risk and Cost.

Features of collaborated Revit, PDM Systems and BIM 360/Forge Platforms:
  • Digital 3D Model
  • Design Information
  • Model/Drawing Lifecycle Management
  • Document Management
  • 3D Visualization
  • Common Data Environment
  • Version Control
  • Release Management

About Us

BIMDeX is a unit of SrinSoft Inc, an engineering solutions company headquartered in Ohio, USA. BIMDeX has developed utilities and software in response to client needs to close gaps in their current design programs and work more efficiently. BIMDeX Provides a platform for effortless design exchange between various CAD, Design and BIM Softwares. BXF is a global standard for Data Exchange across various industries.

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Learn how top companies like Google, Jacobs, Johnson Controls, Hager, Vossloh, etc. have quickly adopted BIMDeX's BIM Interoperability Solutions to stay competitive and reduce their design time and effort by more than 80%.

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